Allen Iverson to Return to BIG3 League

By November 13, 2017 3:26 PM

It’s all water under the bridge for Allen Iverson and the BIG3 basketball league — we’re told the NBA legend will RETURN after a rocky 2017 season.

Iverson — who was a player coach last season — was in the BIG3 dog house after no-showing for a game without a reason. He was suspended 1 game.

It seemed his future with the league may have been in doubt at the end of the season — but now we’re told he WILL get another go … this time as a coach only.

One of Iverson’s issues … he gambles A LOT. He was spotted out in a casino in almost every city he traveled to during the BIG3 season and there are concerns the gambling could have interfered with his commitment to the league.